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Our lawyers Rod Mont, Sonya Parkin, Esther Robson, Chris Murphy and Cole
Ferencz are supported by a knowledgeable and experienced staff. With our
experience, we've probably seen your problem before and successfully
dealt with it.

Our goal is to solve your problem, not make it worse. We'll do that by
listening to you to understand your needs and expectations.

We are one of the oldest law firms in Nanaimo. Our firm is the successor
of the Nanaimo law firm founded before 1920 by the legendary Magistrate
C.H. Beevor-Potts. For years, parents would threaten misbehaving Nanaimo
children that if they didn't behave properly, they'd be taken to see
Beevor-Potts. The threat was usually sufficient. We no longer offer that

We're also proud of past alumni of Nanaimo lawyers, which in recent
years include Douglas Greer, John Horn, Lloyd Spoule, Vaughan Allin,
Sheila Anderson, Laurie Crossan and Michael Walker and the contributions
they have made to the people who live here.

We're looking forward to making a positive difference in the lives of
the people we serve now and in the future.

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