Dog n' Suds



About Us

Dog n' Suds started out in 1999 as a small grooming salon in a very small shop. Pretty soon, owners were asking owner Daria Holmboe, ''Can little Muffy stay for a while and play with her friend Fluffy?'' and the daycare was created. Within a very short time, it became clear that bigger facilities were needed and the property at 2209 Wilgress Road was purchased.

Originally, 2209 Wilgress Road held a small, converted house that had to accommodate grooming, daycare, and U-Wash facilities. The teeth cleaning facilities weren't even in the building; they were housed in a small cabin built especially for them!

Growing demand for daycare and grooming resulted in the 2012 demolition of our little house and the construction of the new Dog n' Suds facility.

During the summer of 2012, the Dog n' Suds staff continued to offer services from a nearby warehouse that we converted to hold grooming, daycare and teeth cleaning facilities. We couldn't fit the U-Wash in there, to the chagrin of our regular U-Wash customers. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when time came to move to our new building!

Dog n' Suds Pet Services on 2209 Wilgress Road in Nanaimo: front of the new building which houses the doggy daycare, u-wash, professional pet grooming and teeth cleaning facilities.

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